We are always looking for new investors.  If you would like more information on investing in California trust deeds, please call us directly at 818.679.2255.

Equity Funding Resources is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate,  Broker (ID # 01898196). We have over a decade of California real estate lending and sales expertise, and can provide you with secure FIRST trust deeds that meet your qualifying and risk criteria.

All client and property credentials are carefully screened, processed, and undergo sever stress tests to ensure risk is minimized. A 1st Trust Deed, Promissory Note, Title Insurance, and Hazard Insurance secure all loans, with property valuations by appraisal.

Our Lending Philosophy

  • At Equity Funding Resources, the first rule of investing is preservation of capital. Our lending philosophy is simple, if the loan makes sense, we’ll make it.
  • We believe that a loan that is good for the borrower will be good for the lender and that combination makes good lending sense.
  • We can tailor the loan terms to fit the borrowers individual needs thus there is a better likelihood that payments will be made timely.

Knowing the Neighborhood
We stick to neighborhoods that we know. Too often as companies pursue expansion, they rely on the appraisal alone to determine value. Certainly, we use appraisers but want we want to know is not what the securing property is “Worth”, but what it will sell for!